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You’ve probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO Services in New York, and if you’ve followed a link of our website or webpage from a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, then it is most likely because of SEO. So, what is SEO exactly? Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing website rankings for a particular search term in the search engine results page (SERP) by following white hat SEO techniques or search engine guidelines. Search engines use several factors including website title, Meta tags, keywords, content quality, images, videos, website speed, domain name, backlinks, and webpage relevancy according to the search term (keywords) for ranking a website on their results page.

Let us show you an example of SEO Services in New York

Before we dive into more details of SEO, let us first break the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for you. Suppose a user is looking for locksmiths to install, repair, or adjust locks. Next, he searches for locksmiths in New York on Google like this image below.

In this case, the results are divided into four parts


  • Full SERP
  • Paid Results
  • Local 3-Pack or Map Pack
  • Organic Results

SERP:  Search Engine Results Page are the list of pages including Paid, Local, and Organic results shown by a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo) when someone searches for a query.

Paid Results: Search Engines, for example; Google shows up to 4 ads above or below search results for a keyword. These ads are also known as PPC (Pay per click), every time your ads are clicked, you’ll get charged by Google for each click. Once you stop paying for these ads, your website would not show up in the top of a search engine results page unless you’ve done SEO for that site.

Local 3-Pack or Map Pack: When you search for a product or service in a specific area, you see almost three companies listing inside a box with a map shown above it. These listing are known as Map Pack or Local 3-Pack, and it is a part of Local SEO.

Organic Results: The results which are shown to you naturally with website Title, Snippets, and Links are organic search results. These results are also known as natural search and unpaid results which are obtained by doing search engine optimization.

There are several other things in SERP such as Featured Snippets, Knowledge box, Website Title, Meta Tags, and Link, LSI Keywords, and Sitelinks. Do we guess you’ve got a fair idea about SERP’s? Local map pack and organic results are the ones which can be obtained by doing Search Engine Optimization.

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Benefits of SEO Services in New York

Imagine yourself in a situation where your car broke down, and you do not have any option other than contacting a nearby auto repairing shop to come and fix your vehicle. What you’ll do in this situation to get the information about the nearest auto/vehicle repairing shop? Of course, you’ll Google “auto repairing shops near me” or for any relevant terms.
You must be wondering what the incident has to do with SEO. Well, put yourself in the shoes of a shop owner, if he had chosen not to have his business details online and optimize it well for customers like you searching for his services will he get more business than his competitors who already have their business details online. This is one of the examples of how New York city SEO Company can benefit your business, service, or products, let us show you some of the other benefits of Search Engine Optimization: –

Brand Awareness: Just like the above example if you have your website ranking on the top position for several search terms, it will bring more exposure to your website. Most of the users trust Google or Bing’s search results; once you achieve the top results for your brand by doing SEO, it will boost your brand’s credibility.

Increase Traffic: Google and Bing share almost 86% of total global search traffic, with proper search engine optimization you can increase the traffic (people visiting your website) of your website which will result in more conversion and sales.

Affordable: When we classified the Search Engine Results above we mentioned about Organic results and PPC. The traffic coming to your website through Organic results (SEO) is free, whereas, in PPC, you need to pay to get on top for a particular keyword. The more keywords you target in PPC, the more money you need to pay, unlike SEO, where no matter how many keywords you are aiming for a website you don’t have to pay a dime.

Long Term benefits: Once you rank higher on search engines, your business will be promoted 24/7 even when you are asleep. The more you rank higher, the more potential leads or customers you gain.

Competitors are also doing it: You ever wondered how your competitors have a positive growth in customers unlike you, where you are getting only repeated customers. If you are getting repeated customers, then it is a sign of excellent customer service; however, your competitors are outgrowing you in terms of getting new customers. The answer is simple SEO, they are using it to bring in more customers from the search traffic, and you are not.

You can’t ignore SEO, especially if you’re a local business. There are more than 50,000 searches every second, and with the humungous increase in mobile users, you definitely can’t ignore SEO is 2019. People are continuously searching for businesses and services online, and the numbers are growing day-by-day. If you are not optimizing a website for users who are looking for relevant information related to your products or services, then you’ll surely find a shortage of growth.

Types of SEO Services in New York

Search Engines uses an algorithm which is a formula for solving complex problems within seconds. They check hundreds of ranking signals to determine the quality of a page to be shown to a user in return for a search term, and all this process happens within a second. There are several search engines, and each of them has their algorithms or formula when it comes to rank a website. Our SEO services in New York are categorized according to the search engine algorithms and guidelines, check out the details below: –

Google SEO

According to stat counter global stats, Google has 92% of the search engine market share. Optimizing correctly for Google can be a game-changer for a website. SEO for Google is very tough and takes a lot more time to show the results in comparison because of high competition to other search engines where the competition is low. Our approach for Google SEO in New York is different and unique from others which can help you rank within a short period of time by following only white hat process.

Bing SEO

Unlike Google SEO, optimizing a website for Bing isn’t much harder as compared to the later. One of the most effective ways to rank a website on Bing is to have an exact match domain for the keyword you want to rank, for example: – if you’re going to rank for SEO services in New York, then can help you in ranking faster on Bing. Oops, we have shared you one of our secrets, don’t get excited even if you have an exact match domain it won’t help you to rank higher on Bing unless you follow some of the secret strategies. Contact us to get the secret recipe for ranking websites on Bing.

Yahoo SEO

Bing powers the search results of Yahoo means when you optimize your website for Bing keep in mind that you are also optimizing for Yahoo as well. So, the difference is not much when it comes to SEO for Yahoo in comparison to Bing.

Local SEO Services in New York

According to research, less than 35% of small businesses invest in SEO services in New York. Local 3-pack appears in more than 90% of search with local attentive. As a top SEO agency in New York, we use more than 20 Local SEO ranking factors to rank a website for keywords with local search intent. Our specialization includes in several local operated businesses like SEO for plumbers in New York, SEO for Electricians in New York, SEO for Locksmiths in New York.

E-commerce SEO services in New York

Want to sell products online in New York but don’t know how? Our Ecommerce SEO services are perfect in helping you generate sales from search engine.

SEO for Plumber

You are wondering how to show up your company on the first page of Google for a plumbing related keyword in your area? Contact us to know how to get your plumbing business at the top of Google without spending a ton of money. We’ve worked with several plumbers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and we know the best strategies to increase your sales with the help of Local SEO.

SEO for Electricians

Just like SEO for plumbers, Electricians SEO can be very complicated, and if not done correctly, then it can cost time and money. Let us help you increase your sales and customers database with our specialized Search Engine Optimization services for electricians in New York.

SEO for Locksmiths

We’ve worked on several locksmiths to boost their rankings in the SERP with the help of our SEO services. Get found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get more locksmith leads, get a custom-tailored Locksmith SEO package for you.

Using different strategies for different search engine is highly successful because it brings and converts various types of customers. Attending all these strategies can help your website gain quality traffic from several sources and acquire your earning goals.

SEO Services New York Process of Working

Just having a website is not enough to get the desired online conversation results. To get more customers, you need a plan and optimize your website for both the search engine and the users. Business owners are working tirelessly but aren’t getting any satisfying results, the reason because either they do not have much knowledge about how SEO works or they’ve hired inexperienced SEO’s who are still stuck on SEO methods which were used a decade ago.

Let the professional SEO Company in New York handle all the SEO tasks of yours and help to generate more revenue with the assist of our SEO packages in New York. We’ve already worked with hundreds of clients locally, globally, and internationally and have achieved top SEO ranking for them. Our work strategies are as follows:


Step 1: – Knowing your business and goals.

  • Understanding your business and industry.
  • Personalized solution.
  • Industry relevant SEO Strategies Planning.
  • ROI calculation.

Step 2: – Website Development or Website Audit

  • SEO friendly Website Development.
  • SEO Audit for existing website.
  • Recommend Changes.

Step 3: – Keyword Research

  • Relevant Keywords Audit.
  • Adding Beneficial Keywords.
  • LSI Keywords.
  • Branded Keywords.
  • Keyword Volume and Competition check up.
  • Keywords Mapping, Themes, and Modifiers.

Competitor Analysis

  • Identifying Competitors.
  • Competitors Keywords Analysis.
  • Website Analysis.
  • Backlinks Analysis.

On-Page SEO.

  • Adding Title, Meta Tags, and Heading Tags.
  • Schema Markup.
  • Content Audit and Keywords Placement.
  • Internal Links and External Links Optimization.
  • Adding important plugins to website (Yoast, Classic Editor, Wp-Super Cache etc.)
  • Google Search Console, Analytics, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Off-Page SEO.

  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Manual Outreach
  • Guest Posting
  • Niche Edits
  • Wiki Backlinks
  • Presentation and Infographic Submission
  • Web 2.0’s
  • Press Release
  • Blog Posting
  • Social media
  • Content Marketing

Local SEO.

  • Verifying Google My Business (GMB), Bing Places, Facebook Places
  • Local Business Directories Submission (Yelp, Houzz, Angies List)
  • Local Citations
  • Geo Tagged Images and Videos
  • Content Writing on Local Places and Businesses
  • Local Schema markup
  • Consistent Business Listings
  • Remove duplicate Citations
  • Local Link Building
  • Reviews and Testimonials

All these Advance SEO services in New York will help you to reach more potential customers within a brief period and will also help you gain future customers in the long term before we start working on a project we spend a lot of time in creating a strategy which can help the customers in the long run.

We are Google Certified Digital Marketing experts in New York with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the SEO industry. Our strategies shield your website from any potential Google Algorithm changes or Google penalties.

Why Choose SEO Services in New York

Search Engine Optimization isn’t just what we do, it’s our passion, and we love to do. We are specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company in New York that has been handling many local, national, and international SEO projects from many years.

We are not like other SEO firms in New York who want their client’s money. Our SEO team in New York will regularly keep in touch with you to learn more about your company and find out the way we can offer modern solutions to help you achieve your business goals. We all become a part of your business since we understand that we can make money once our clients earn more money. Reasons why you should trust us: –

Experienced: As we said our team has a combined experience of more than 20 years in the SEO industry, we know how the process of doing SEO has changed over the years and which method will help you rank higher in Google or Bing.

Strategic Planning: We get to know your business or service first, and then we create an SEO plan to implement on your website, which can help you generate more leads. Before we start implementing the strategies, we share all the details with you. Not only this, but we also educate our clients about how our process works and how it will help you.

Focus on ROI: ROI stands for return on investment. Getting our clients to the position they’ve always thought of and the money they’ve spent on SEO services in New York can be recovered as soon as possible is one of our greatest achievement.

White Hat SEO: We follow search engine guidelines while optimizing a website and all our methods include only legitimate and White Hat SEO services in New York. We do not indulge in any processes which are against search engine guidelines.

No Long Term Contract: We’re confident that you’ll love our service and already our hundreds of clients trust us, that is why we do not let customers sign up long term contractors and suck money from them. Our charges are only for our services which you can stop whenever you feel like you are not getting enough profit or returns from our Search Engine Marketing Services in New York.

We aim to deliver brilliance not for a day or a month but the long term. We believe in relationship and commitment with our clients with no false promises. We always train our SEO experts in New York with the latest strategies and techniques which are relevant to the industry and to ensure the clients utilizes the most from our services.


What are the benefits of your SEO services in New York?

We offer innovative yet cost-effective SEO solutions in New York to small, medium, and large scale businesses or companies. We only make use of Ethical SEO (White HAT SEO) towards your website improved ranking by major search engines like yahoo, Bing and Yahoo.

Do you provide guaranteed results?

No one can provide guaranteed results in SEO. If any one says that they can rank any website for any term then they are probably lying or might use Black Hat SEO which can negatively affect your website.

How long will it take to rank a site?

Within 3-6 months you’ll see boost in rankings of your website. Sometime it takes longer for more competitive keywords.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Our charges are only for our services which you can stop whenever you feel like you are not getting enough profit or returns from our Search Engine Marketing Services in New York.

Do you offer services for existing websites?

Yes, but we need to take a look at the website and its SEO before taking over the SEO process of it.

Are your services safe for a new website?

Absolutely, it is designed for the new websites where we can start the SEO process from scratch.

Will I get reports?

We monitor the client website on a weekly (and if required daily) basis. We provide detailed reports with activities at the end of the month.